LEGO 41239 Eclipso Dark Palace

LEGO® Sets DC Super Hero Girls: 41239 Eclipso Dark Palace

Save Flash ™ from the Dark Palace of Eclipso!


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Join the thrilling world of LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls ™ - help Wonder Woman ™ defeat Eclipso ™ and save Flash ™! This great set includes a splendid two-level lock, four power chambers, a planning room, a dresser and locker, an Eclipso jet, an invisible Wonder Woman jet, plenty of accessories, and three orange suspicious Kryptomites. Included in the set are three mini-dolls: Wonder Woman ™, Eclipso ™ and Flash ™, as well as three figures of the suspicious orange Kryptomit ™. The sprawling palace has openings in which you can place Flash ™, Wonder Woman ™ and other Super Heroes LEGO® Super Hero Girls ™. It also has a central power station, planning room, dressing table, weapon cabinet, Kryptomite ™ production facility, and a separate training course for the Kryptomites. There is also an invisible Wonder Woman jet engine with a cockpit opening for two minifigures and an Eclipso jet, which will fit one minifigure. Open the gates and spread the palace to get into the chambers and rooms inside. Train the Cryptomites on the training track to prepare them for battle. Open the chamber and save Flash ™ before Eclipso steals all its power. Prepare for the battle using the dressing table and the weapon locker. Start the jet from the top of the palace and help Eclipso ™ escape in it. Accessories: ankle, sword, tentacle, false, Lasso Truth Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman's shield, laboratory vials, lipstick, brush, perfume bottle, hammer, anvil and three crystals. Combine the model with 41237 Batgirl ™ Secret Bunker and have fun even better with your favorite superheroes! Each LEGO® Super Hero Girls ™ kit contains the cute but bad Vaults. The dark palace of Eclipso ™ is about 36 cm high, 27 cm wide and 14 cm deep. The training track for the Kryptomite ™ is about 6 cm high, 3 cm wide and 3 cm deep. The invisible jet is about 5 cm high, 17 cm long and 21 cm wide. The Eclipso jet is about 4 inches high, 19 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Build Instructions LEGO 41239 Eclipso Dark Palace:

Building instructions labeled "NA" or "V39" may be printed on US standard letter size paper
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