LEGO 41237 Batgirl Secret bunker

LEGO® Sets DC Super Hero Girls: 41237 Batgirl Secret Bunker

Help Batgirl ™ catch Crazy Harriet ™ and get back the microchip!


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Join the thrilling world of LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls ™ - help Batgirl ™ and her Batrobot defeat the Crazy Harriet ™ and the green sneaky Kryptomita ™ who broke into the secret Batgirl bunker! This great set includes an open two-level bunker with exercise area, computer lab, dressing area, swing-out wings and folding wheels, as well as plenty of accessories. Includes minigiges: Batgirl ™ and Mad Harriet ™, as well as the Batgirl ™ Batroth and the deceptive Kryptomity ™. The kit includes a bunker that can be opened to look inside. The bunker has a periscope turned and an open gate, a hanging training bag and a bench on the floor, a dressing room, a computer lab with a screen and a window, and a rope down from the top floor down to the Batwagon. Also included is the "flying" Batgirl Batwagon with unfolded wings and wheels for flight and prison cell. Work out in the exercise room with a bag and a training bench. Rotate the periscope and see what's going on around you. Pull down the rope to get to the Batwagon quickly. Fold the wings and fold the wheels of the vehicle and then take off. Accessories: water bottle, barbells, handcuffs, surveillance camera, Batarang, microchip, training bag, exercise mat and wing stand. Join the rope with 41238 Lemon Luthor ™ Factory of Crypto ™ and enjoy even better with your favorite superheroes! Each LEGO® Super Hero Girls ™ kit contains the cute but bad Vaults. Dimensions of bunker: about 15 cm high, 22 cm wide and 4 cm deep. The Batwagon is about 7 cm high, 11 cm long and 6 cm wide.

Build Instructions LEGO 41237 Batgirl Secret Bunker:

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