LEGO 70361 Macy's Bot Drop Dragon

LEGO® Sets 2017: 70361 Macy's Bot Drop Dragon

Stand up against the stone machine in the falling dragon of Macy's!


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Hold the duel between the stone engine and Macy in the falling dragon to build with two wings on which the launch pads are mounted, the cockpit with minifigure, the moving tail and the macybot dropping function. Shield stone machine can be used as a flying skateboard and play an exciting duel in the air.

Includes three minifigs: Macy, Macybot and stone machine.

Dragon to build Macy has a cockpit with minifigures, a disc holder, two movable wings with block launchers and a moving tail. Drop the macybot from the belly of the dragon! Hole the club or NEXO power at the end of the dragon's tail to increase the attack power.

Weapon in the set: Macy's club, Macybota club and crossbow on the blocks of stone machine. Also included is a flying skateboard machine stone with lightning bolts.

Scan the shields to get the NEXO Burnt Hot Dog's power and get additional LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS ™! Combine the dragon with any LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS ™ armor and create an unbeatable combat set.

The dragon is about 9 cm high, 18 cm long and 14 cm wide.

LEGO Blocks Nexo Knights 70361 Macybota's falling dragon is a folding and playing set designed for ages 7-12.

Included: 153 blocks 3 minifigures - Stone Stomper, Macy Bot, Macy, and 1 Nexo Power instruction

Build Instructions LEGO 70361 Macy's Bot Drop Dragon:

Building instructions labeled "NA" or "V39" may be printed on US standard letter size paper
Building instructions labeled "IN" or "V29" may be printed on EU standard A4 paper

List of parts included in set LEGO 70361 Macy's Bot Drop Dragon:

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