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  • Bionicle

    New BIONICLE series.

    Enter the world of LEGO BIONICLE and find the Mask of Creation.

  • Castle
  • Chima

    Your builder will have fun racing through the world of Legends of Chima™  on a Speedorz as they fight to control the power of CHI!

  • Hero Factory

    The LEGO® Hero Factory allows builders to construct their own powerful robots in the battle of good vs. evil while encouraging exciting character roleplay.

  • The Hobbit
  • Lord of The Rings
  • Pirates

    LEGO® Pirates pitches swashbuckling, treasure-hungry buccaneers up against the governor’s loyal soldiers. Children can muster armies of minifigures, whether it’s helping to protect the royal treasure or breaking out captured pirates from prison. Play sets are rich in detail, including rafts, a shipwreck fort, a Pirate hideout protected by a crocodile, and even a hungry Octopus and a saw-nose shark, all with a humorous touch added. Prepare your child for adventure with cannons and catapults, and help them set sail on the high seas into their own adventure where fortune and glory are all that count.

  • The Lone Ranger
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Ultra Agents

    LEGO® Ultra Agents opens up a world of missions, battles and new digital experiences. The villains are plotting something in Astor City, but you can stop them! Build hi-tech vehicles, gather intelligence, fire missiles and save the day! Download the app for interactive story-telling that features missions, games and clue finding.

  • Mixels

    LEGO® Mixels bricks are funny, creative creatures made up of the basic building blocks of LEGO matter: Fire, Rock, Electricity and more. The Mixels live in tribes spread across a vast world and love to mix and combine. By using the special cubits they will be able to mix into new characters with hilarious and surprising results. NIXELS are swarming, colorless creatures of deconstruction. Nixels tear apart everything in their path – including the mixed up Mixels.

    Mixels building blocks are movable limbs and come in different color schemes.

    See more on World of Mixels.